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Outstanding Vegan Lunch and Dinner in Frisco, Texas: Jeff's Vegan

Frisco, Texas, situated in the heart of the Lone Star State, embodies a lively fusion of contemporary allure and Southern hospitality. With a burgeoning population and a thriving economy, Frisco serves as a vibrant center for commerce, leisure, and residential life. From its cutting-edge sports complexes, such as the renowned Ford Center at The Star, to its picturesque historic quarter, the city presents a rich tapestry of offerings and facilities. Renowned for its excellent schools, flourishing dining scene, and ample parks, Frisco invites both tourists and locals to savor its distinctive mix of Texan warmth and urban vibrancy. And in Frisco, Texas, Vegan food is thriving. There are now hundreds (yes, hundreds) I hot spots proudly offering vegan menu options for the first time. And my personal favorite is named 'Jeff's Vegan.'

Now, just in case you’re thinking ‘vegetarian’ and not ‘vegan’, there’s a difference. While both veganism and vegetarianism involve abstaining from consuming meat, fish, and poultry, they diverge in their dietary restrictions. Vegetarians typically exclude animal flesh from their diet but may still consume animal by-products such as eggs, dairy, and honey. On the other hand, vegans follow a more stringent approach, eliminating all animal-derived products from their meals, including dairy, eggs, honey, and even gelatin and certain food additives. The decision to adopt either lifestyle often extends beyond diet, encompassing ethical, environmental, and health considerations. While both lifestyles promote compassion towards animals and sustainable living, vegans typically adhere to a more comprehensive philosophy that extends to other aspects of their daily lives, such as clothing and personal care products, aiming for a broader reduction in animal exploitation.

I've been hearing great things about Jeff's Vegan for months, but when my schedule finally aligned, it was worth the wait. My mom and sister came with me to give it a try, and we loved it. First, we ordered the Potsticker appetizer, which was really good. I'm usually not a fan of potstickers (probably because of the meat component), but since these were vegan, they were actually really, really good. No weird bits or anything. The Passion Balls were delicious—I ordered the Orange and my husband got the General Tso. It was so good, we ordered another meal to-go so that we'd have a tasty lunch the next day! After the main meal, we ordered the Sesame ball dessert (idk the name) and that was OMG lovely. They tasted too good. I probably could've wolfed down 4 more orders of those. I highly recommend trying them.

Overall, the food is amazing, and I love that it's vegan. Vegan food doesn't have to be boring or taste like shit, and Jeff's proves that concept. The folks who run the place are the sweetest and are incredibly helpful. I'm going to make an effort to come here more often and support this business, even though it's 30mins away. My mom and I love this place. We try to come and visit whenever we are in the area. We ordered the Tofu vegetables and vegan carrot cake and vegan egg rolls (not pictured). I noticed some of the prices increased since my last visit. There are not too many vegan options in this area, so this always is a good option.

Jeff’s Vegan is worth the trip to this suburb of the greater Dallas-Fort Worth region. The family-friendly spot offers a kid’s menu and a cute and cozy atmosphere. Like The Loving Hut, the kitchen straddles both American and Asian-inspired cuisine. Popular choices include the Passion Balls (crispy plant-based protein served with dipping sauce), buffalo cauliflower, and any of the rice and veggie dishes. Don’t leave without a slice of the carrot cake! Absolutely LOVE coming here one the weekends when I’m in Frisco and dining in whenever I get the chance. The quiet atmosphere gives off such a calming and serene vibe that I often find myself subconsciously eating slower so that I may absorb more of the serenity in the air. I've never had a dish from Jeff's that I didn't absolutely adore. The pineapple fried rice was a tremendous balance of umami and sweetness that I look for in a dish of that nature. The burrito is also big enough for two meals (sometimes). Not to mention, it keeps quite well for a minimum of a week or so when refrigerated. The couple (who presumably own the restaurant-- they are always there) are so pleasant to interact with. The greetings are always so welcoming and, more importantly, genuine.

Probably one of the best places we have been for vegan food in our area. You must try it. Even if you are not vegan this restaurant, located in a strip center Northwest of Stonebriar Center off Preston, is good for you too! We tried multiple appetizers (spring rolls, tofu bites, pot stickers), we had a health burger that came with fries and we tried the Texas Fries too. I found the flavors to be very good with just the right seasoning. The tofu bites were the best appetizer although each of them was very good. The Health Burger, even if healthy, didn't taste like it! Melted vegan cheese over mushrooms with vegan mayo. It melted in your mouth. As a vegan, I really enjoyed the fact that I could eat every single item on the menu here without having to question whether there was meat or ask to have the meat removed. The menu has a wide range of foods as well from rice dishes to noodle dishes, pad thai, pho, and even burgers! I went with the spicy golden noodle soup and really enjoyed it- tasted a little like Taiwanese beef noodle soup but with a tangier taste to it. I do wish the broth was spicer and a little less salty though. The bowl came with rice noodles, veggies, and tofu. The menu offers a lot of variety. If you don't want stir fry over rice you can get a burger or burrito. The desserts look tasty but we didn't try them. We carried out, so I can't say much about the service in the restaurant. The take out process was smooth, efficient, and quick. No complaints. Jeff’s offers great service and delicious food!

Four Menu recommendations:

  1. The Chinese hot and sour soup is especially fantastic! If hot and sour soup is ‘your thing’, give this a try.

  2. The Buffalo cauliflower is FANTASTIC and can cause sudden delight and make it difficult to refrain from eating the entire dish in one sitting. Yes, it’s that good. It’s slightly crispy, moist, with a sweet flavor. It's a perfect treat and very addictive (try eating just 1... it's nearly impossible). So glad to see more vegan hot spots popping up in the area I grew up in.

  3. For dessert, try the cheesecake with raspberry and chocolate - it was so good!

  4. The vegan fried chicken nuggets are the best to-go food you can buy when you want a snack at home later in the evening.

3580 Preston Rd #107, Frisco, TX 75034

(469) 803-5883



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