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Incredible Southern Cuisine in Marshall, Texas: Elisha’s

Marshall, Texas, nestled in the heart of East Texas, boasts a rich history and vibrant community spirit. Known as the "Birthplace of Boogie Woogie," Marshall has deep roots in music and culture, hosting the annual Fire Ant Festival, where locals and visitors alike celebrate with music, food, and fun. Beyond its musical heritage, Marshall is also renowned for its stunning architecture, with over 1,000 historical landmarks dotting the cityscape. From the iconic Harrison County Courthouse to the quaint downtown streets lined with charming boutiques and eateries, Marshall exudes Southern charm at every turn. With its welcoming atmosphere and unique blend of tradition and innovation, Marshall invites all who visit to experience the warmth and hospitality of East Texas culture.

Deep in Marshall, Texas, a great southern meal comes from one fantastic spot: Elisha’s, technically known as Elisha’s Food for the Soul. Whether it’s your spirit, body, or soul (or the trifecta) that needs nourishment, Elisha Williamson has you covered. The appetizers, fried green tomatoes and hot water cornbread, were enough to transport us back to our grandmother’s rural Cherokee County kitchen, but the battered and fried pork chop, with field peas, fried okra, and mac and cheese brought it all home. The laid-back atmosphere and friendly wait staff, including Elisha’s daughters Shenika and Anita Jackson, adds to the warmth and comfort of this Marshall favorite.

Elisha offers a fine variety of salads for the veggie inclined and is happy to dish up all-vegetarian plates. The smoked maple bourbon ice cream with a wafer cone was a dessert to die for, and our friends devoured the fried-peach pie and the strawberry funnel cake. During one visit, I ordered fried catfish fillet (soft fried); to go. This was my first visit. I certainly will return. The price was fair. I liked that the fish was not over seasoned or over cooked. My sides were mac & cheese and mixed greens. Both were a bit heavy on the salt but otherwise good. The hot water cornbread was very good. The restaurant is a calm environment. The best way to find the location is google maps directions. The fried fish did not disappoint. Compliments to the chef. Oh, and let me remember to mention the attention to detail in keeping the fish and cornbread dry and separate from the greens and mac & cheese when it was packed "to go".

During my second visit, I paid Elisha’s a visit when I stopped by after a baseball tournament here in Marshall. Had a rough loss. The chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and cornbread were sensational. Water was cold and tasted great. The fried pickles were by far and away the best I ever had. They let that pickle shine instead of drowning it in batter. It’s a church-like setting but I did come on a Sunday and it was a little hot inside but that does little to subtract from this being the best soul food I've had. If you're on the fence, or thinking about, do yourself a favor and go. Get this, my entire meal was about $12.50.

Elisha's is absolutely legendary. The food, the service, the portions, the atmosphere, the music, the friendly smiles. Unfortunately, the review caps out at 5 stars, or else I'd rate everyone on staff at Elisha's 10 stars all day long. This adorable culinary gem that captures the essence of Southern hospitality and flavor. This small restaurant, whose name whispers through the town with reverence, embodies the spirit of old-time Texas charm. With its unassuming facade and cozy interior, stepping into this establishment feels like coming home. The aroma of hearty, home-style meals fills the air, drawing patrons from near and far.

At Elisha’s Food for the Soul, every dish tells a story of tradition and authenticity, crafted with care and served with a smile. Despite its humble setting, this restaurant offers an unparalleled value, with economical prices that belie the quality and generosity of each meal. From mouthwatering chicken fried steak to savory biscuits and gravy, every bite is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of East Texas. In the heart of Marshall, Elisha’s Food for the Soul invites diners to savor the simple pleasures of good food and good company, leaving them with memories as rich and satisfying as the meals themselves.

404 Forest Terrace, Marshall, TX 75670

(903) 934-8999



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