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Best Burritos and Tex-Mex in Alpine, Texas: Alicia’s Burrito Place

Nestled amidst the rugged expanse of West Texas, Alpine beckons with its captivating blend of desert vistas and small-town allure. Situated against the backdrop of the majestic Davis Mountains, this charming community attracts both adventurers and artists, drawn by its sweeping panoramas and vibrant creative atmosphere. Hosting Sul Ross State University, Alpine pulsates with youthful vigor while proudly preserving its rich heritage, as evidenced by its historic downtown adorned with colorful murals and eclectic boutiques. From celestial observations at the McDonald Observatory to wilderness expeditions in the nearby Big Bend National Park, Alpine serves as a gateway to untamed landscapes and endless exploration, positioning itself as a hidden gem within the Lone Star State.

My discovery of Alicia’s Burrito Place occurred serendipitously during a breakfast quest while traversing Alpine, Texas. Guided by enthusiastic Yelp reviews, my expectations were cautiously high. To my delight, the experience exceeded all anticipation. Arriving shortly after the 8 AM opening, I encountered a drive-through setup. Despite initial difficulty reaching them by phone, the friendly attendant promptly attended to our order, delivering two burritos within ten minutes. Opting for a chorizo and egg as well as a bacon, egg, and cheese variation, both offerings proved exceptional, although I regretted not requesting salsa.

Alicia’s Burrito Place, nestled discreetly south of the railroad tracks and adjacent to the Terlingua highway, relies not on publicity but on the excellence of its cuisine. Spanning from delectable burgers to soul-warming Tex-Mex dishes, its fare speaks volumes. The quintessential green enchilada plate, a testament to its authenticity, combines the comforting textures of Spanish rice and refried beans with succulent layers of cheese, all doused in a mild sauce. Despite its generous portions, the plate vanishes quickly, leaving behind a symphony of flavors.

Noteworthy aspects of Alicia’s Burrito Place include its current drive-thru and take-out model and its residential street location. However, these logistical quirks pale in comparison to the culinary treasures awaiting discovery. My order of the adasado plate proved bountiful, with flavorful spice and tender chicken accompanied by delectable rice, beans, fries, and a tortilla. Despite its unassuming locale just off Texas 118, Alicia’s distinguishes itself through culinary excellence, making it a cherished haunt for locals and visitors alike.

Embarking on a culinary pilgrimage after a week of camping in Big Bend, I indulged in a double cheeseburger, a feat only accomplished with canine assistance. Meanwhile, my wife savored the chili verde plate, a delightful medley of flavors served with both tortillas and fries, showcasing the region’s culinary fusion. With three decades of patronage under my belt, Alicia’s remains my Alpine sanctuary, its gravel parking lot providing the perfect setting for a memorable dining experience.

True to word-of-mouth accounts, Alicia’s Burrito Place may test one’s patience with its wait times. Yet, the culinary rewards far outweigh any temporal inconvenience. Whether savoring the chili cheeseburger basket or relishing Big Al’s hamburger, each bite encapsulates the essence of Alpine’s culinary prowess. The breakfast burritos, a titanic blend of refried beans and melted cheese, offer a fulfilling start to any day, with leftover portions serving as a delightful afternoon snack. While my only regret lies in the absence of salsa, the burrito alone sufficed to fuel a day of adventure.

In the realm of hidden culinary gems, Alicia’s Burrito Place reigns supreme as my personal favorite. Its offerings evoke an irresistible allure, with each bite promising a symphony of flavors. Whether indulging in their signature heart attack burrito or relishing a perfectly crafted burger, satisfaction is guaranteed. For those passing through Alpine, a detour to Alicia’s promises not only culinary delight but also a contented and satiated palate, albeit with a word of caution for the extra-spicy salsa enthusiasts.

708 E Gallego Ave, Alpine, TX 79830

(432) 837-2802



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